Founded with an ethos of considered design, our process is thoughtful and authentic. We don’t rush to release products, we release our capsule collections once we feel they are 100% practical, useful and we see a genuine need in our own little ones' wardrobes.

We believe in small runs, premium fabrications and limited designs - and to wear more. Our garments are made in sample rooms, in small order quantities.

We value family, connection, nature and creativity.

We are a young business, however we are focused on moving forward with consideration, craftsmanship and sustainability at the heart of our brand. 

Conscious Manufacturing in India

All of our garments made in India are produced in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and certified under the Fairtrade Textile Act.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a worldwide leading textile standard for organic fibres, and ensures that a garment is sustainable and ethical at all points on the supply chain. The GOTS standard ensures that cotton is non-genetically modified, and that harmful pesticides and chemicals have not been used in farming. In addition to creating a safer work environment for workers, this also promotes soil fertility which results in less water usage. Under the GOTS certification, suppliers are also required to uphold responsible treatment of waste water. 

The Fairtrade Textile Standard is a movement to facilitate change in textile supply chains. By engaging suppliers and their employees with better working conditions, it empowers workers to strengthen their positions. Most importantly, Fairtrade facilitates health and safety, gender equality, worker’s rights and calls for fair wages. 

Conscious Manufacturing in China

Our premium, recycled cotton denim is consciously manufactured in China. We have extensively tested our denim to ensure hard-wearing, long-term utility. 

Our denim composition is 50% Recycled Cotton, the remaining 50% Cotton allows for stability and hard-wearing security in the fabrication.

All dyes used are environmentally friendly eco-dyes, and all water is treated responsibly and re-used within the factory to eliminate any water wastage. 

We are committed to working closely with our suppliers and creating a positive impact for our partners and customers.


We use two types of online order mailers. Our main mailers are plant-based and are biodegradable. We also use Pollastic mailers, which are made with 100% recycled Ocean Bound Plastic and are made in certified BSCI production facilities. These can be recycled again with soft plastics.

Our tissue paper is made from FSC-certified, recycled paper and is fully home-compostable after use. Our stickers are also compostable, to eliminate the need to remove these prior to composting. These items will break down within 180 days in a home compost, and 90 days in a commercial composting facility.

We use recycled cotton, biodegradable woven labels, and recycled cotton swingtags. These are tied to the garment with natural cotton cord, without unnecessary safety pins or metals.

The boxes our manufacturers use to ship are made with recycled materials, and are recycled on our end once received. We use poly bags to package some of our more fragile garments in shipping. This ensures the item remains dry and protected whilst in transit to New Zealand. Ultimately, a damaged garment is a wasted garment, and we take garment care very seriously in every step of the production process. We are always looking to evolve our impact positively, and hope we can find a solution to remove this plastic usage.


We believe conscious care practices can lengthen the life of a garment. Always use environmentally friendly detergents, do not use bleach or harmful chemicals on your Kokomo products.

To lessen our impact and limit our water usage, we recommend washing full loads on short cycles. Hanging laundry in the sun is also sustainable, and does not damage garments in the way a harsh dryer does. The sun also has antibacterial properties, and can assist in stain removal.

Always check each garment’s individual label for garment specific care information.


We are committed to a mission of considered design. We aim to evolve and grow as a business made for kids.